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L’inventore del siero non si vaccina…

… allow me a personal questions: I know that you don’t particularly … that you’re not particularly fond of answering personal questions but, you and your wife …, you play such a central role in the development of the virus [?!?], I have heard that you yourself have not taken the the vaccine yet,  why not?

So, I am legally not allowed to take the vaccine at the moment, but of course consider to make that possibly, it is more important for us that our coworkers and partners get vaccinated, so we … our goal is to produce more than 1.3 billion doses in 2021 and, and that can only be done if you can really continue to work 24/7 without any interruption, and we need to ensure that we protect our coworkers and our team members from COVID-19 infection, because that would mean interruption and delay and waste of vaccine doses, and therefore we considered to make an extra batch, independent from the european contingent, available to collaboration partners who are supporting us and to our team members.

But I [don’t] understand why, why are you not legally allowed to take the vaccine?

Because you know that there is a priority, the vaccine is not allowed to be taken outside of this priorities and, what is also important, we were even not allowed to participate in clinical trials, because, per law, it is not possible to include company people get into such trials, which is very fine, but now we have to deal with the more important challenge, that we need to ensure functionality of our whole company, of our teams, and therefore this is needed and I think we will find a legal and fair solution for that.

Dr. Sahin, many thanks

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